LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Doctor Sarah Denham and nurse practitioner Alexis Phillips both work at Kozmic Family Practice and both say Dr. Joe Koslowski sexually harassed them for years.

This morning at a press conference, Phillips and attorneys for the women detailed allegations that Dr. Koslowski would often make sexual comments and lude gestures toward them.

“His behavior was mild at first he would say something sexually explicit as another woman left the room or talk about his sex life… He then progressed by talking about patients and myself,” said Phillips.

Phillips says the inappropriate comments started in November of 2020 when Dr. Koslowski was her clinical instructor at school.

According to the lawsuit,t when asked how Phillips was doing during a final evaluation Dr. Koslowski reportedly told the supervisor “Well she won’t let me have sex with her.”

In another instance, Phillips claims the doctor grabbed her by the waist pulled her toward him and made comments about her body.

“Dr. Kozlowski tucked his finger in my belt loop and pulled down my pants and said you lost your ass,” said Phillips.

Phillips says she took her complaints to management on multiple occasions before she says they forced Dr. Kozlowski to retire.

She says despite the allegations he was still able to treat patients virtually until his last day at the end of March.

While the Kozmic Family Practices did give her the chance to transfer. Phillips says she didn’t think that was fair to her patients or to herself.

“I truly care for my patients and my community,” said Phillips.