LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Sparrow health services dietitian Sarah Smith shares how you can utilize your holiday leftovers in snacks and small meals.

  1. Veggies: sauté in eggs, use with protein-rich dips, make an egg casserole, skewers with cheese cubes
  2. Use milk or protein-packed plant-based milk in place of water for hot beverages
  3. Sweet potatoes can be used in waffles, pancakes, and muffins
  4. Homemade trail mix with leftover nuts, dried fruit, and seeds
  5. Use leftover deviled eggs or hard-boiled eggs and add them to a small salad
  6. Make fruit kebobs and serve them with a homemade dip

Smart snacking tips are not just helpful during the holidays, but all year long.

  1. Snack only when you are hungry
  2. Plan snacks ahead of time
  3. Portion your snacks in snack-size bags
  4. Keep your snacks simple
  5. Make them satisfying – include a combination of food items
  6. Snacks for teens and adults should be around 200 calories depending on activity level

You can also use dips that have protein. For example, this includes nut butter, hummus, cottage cheese, or plain Greek yogurt. You can also add avocado, nut butter, ground flax seed, or hemp seeds to your toast. You can add chia seeds or ground flax seeds to homemade muffins or add nuts or granola to yogurt