Heroic deputy speaks out after fire rescue


For Eaton County Deputy Chris Burton, it started like any other day on the job. But that would all change after he received a call about a suspicious vehicle on fire in a parking lot. 

“What was going through my head when I first approached the vehicle was I don’t know if I watched too much TV or not but I was worried about it exploding because it was an older 90s van,” said Burton.

With black smoke clouding his vision Deputy Burton grabbed his fire extinguisher yelling to see if anyone was inside. There was no response. Then he found a way to unlock the drivers side door then he heard a cough.

“I couldn’t see anybody initially when I opened the passenger side door. I tried getting to the back door. Nothing then I went around the drivers side and kind of felt my way to where he was. Found an arm and started tugging,” said Burton. 

Deputy Burton grabbed the man and pulled him out safely with help from Delta Fire. They both were taken to the hospital to get treated for smoke inhalation and soon after released. The two men have yet to meet. Deputy Burton says, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

“It’s kind of neat. I think everybody can talk macho and everything else about how they are going to react in certain situations but I’m a believer that you don’t know until you’re in that situation so it was nice to know that I could respond and do the right thing in a situation like that.”

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