HILLSDALE, Mich. (WLNS) – “Class of 2018, thank you for giving me the honor of addressing this 166th commencement ceremony,” said Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pence.

For graduates of the Hillsdale College senior class, sitting before United States Vice President Mike Pence was not only inspiring…

“It was excellent, there was obviously a lot of commotion on all positive ways and so we were really excited to welcome him to the campus,” said Graduate Rachel Behr.

“We’re a small liberal arts campus in the middle of nowhere Michigan but the vice president came, I mean that’s a huge accomplishment,” Graduate David Whitson stated.

…It was also encouraging, and for many it felt like a beacon of endless opportunities.

“He’s talking about all men are created equal and it’s so true and it’s something that we I don’t know…we are so divided as a nation and his speech was very unifying reminding us that we all are equal,” said Behr.

In his speech, Vice President Pence said that now is the ideal time to graduate. He said these graduates are entering a new era of America with opportunities and optimism, adding that right now there are more job openings across the country than ever before in our nation’s history.

“I’ve accepted a position at private school in New York state as an administrator and a teacher,” said Graduate Nathan Gill.

“I’m going to apply to med school and I’m going abroad to Europe to work as a journalist for about a year,” Graduate Lillian Quinones stated.

Ultimately for this graduating class, having the Vice President of the U.S. deliver their commencement address gave them hope, and many say they can’t wait to start this new chapter in their lives.

“I’m excited of course he’s mentioned it’s one of the strongest economies we’ve seen in a while and so I’m feeling confident going forward, optimistic at least,” Whitson stated.

“Congratulations class of 2018, you did it. This day is yours,” said Vice President Pence.