HILLSDALE, Mich. (WLNS) — In Hillsdale County more than two dozen people came together Thursday night to share their stories from January 6th, 2021.

On Thursday even was hosted by the Hillsdale Republican Party. Normally they host their meetings every first Thursday of the month, and for this month it landed on January 6th. Many shared what they experienced one year ago.

January 6th is an unforgettable moment, it’s something I will remember for the rest of my life,” said John Smith, Secretary for the Hillsdale County Republican Party.

This day last year more than 100 members of the Hillsdale party went to D.C.

“Majority of the Hillsdale County Republican Party believes that there was fraud in our election system. We were there to be heard and to be seen and I think that’s what we did,” said Smith.

Some say they just wanted answers and it was part of their First Amendment right.
“If you don’t know but you have a feeling about something, you investigate you find the facts and then by those facts you make a decision. If we investigate and there was no problem then there was no problem. But if we investigate and we find problems then we should try to fix those problems,” said Jon Rutan, Parliamentarian for the Hillsdale County Republican Party.

Despite several videos showing hundreds of people storming the Capitol, destroying property, and more. Smith says he saw something different from where he was standing.

“The most violence I seen would be comparable to like a rock concert, but I didn’t see one punch thrown or no violent activity,” he said.

Later after seeing videos, and hearing stories from others of what transpired that day, Smith says he also believes people should be held accountable for their actions.

“If people are going to commit crime then those people are going to be adequately charged if founded and there needs to be justice for that,” said Smith.

At Thursday’s event, many wanted to share how they felt about the incident.

“There’s an egregious step of authority that we constantly see play out in our nation and I think that’s why people are saying hold up a second, you work for us not the other way around,” said Micah Beckwith, speaker at the event and podcast host for Jesus, Sex and Politics.

“As long as we know that we have free and fair elections and we can authenticate those. I think that’s what that whole day was about. Give us a legal election and show us and validate it,” said Nathan Peternel, speaker at the event and podcast host for Jesus, Sex and Politics.