JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – For years, the Fossores Chapter House in Jackson has served as a place for pastors to collaborate, learn and grow, but after the home was recently rented out as an Airbnb, the historic building was trashed. Leaders for the non-profit say it’s caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“Oh I was horrified,” said Founder of the Fossores Chapter House, Dr. David McDonald. “I came in the door and I see this absolute disaster and all I could think as my stomach is dropping into my toes is please God don’t let this be the whole house and that was a prayer that was not answered in the way I hoped,” said McDonald.

It’s a mess McDonald says you have to see to believe. It was all left by an unrelated group who paid to stay here during the holidays.

“There was trash everywhere. Everywhere everywhere everywhere.”

From garbage around every corner to stains of vomit, blood and urine, but McDonald says that was just the beginning.

“As we cleaned up the trash we realized underneath the trash were broken I think two couches, two ottomans, a bench, we had gouge marks on the floor. They were flipping keys off the piano.”

The mess took days to clean up. There’s an estimated bill of more than $8,000  for the 8,000-square-foot home. Several items were also stolen, but for McDonald, it’s not just about the price of each antique, it’s the personal value of what this space means to him and others around the world.

“Largely it’s an international place where pastors come here to collaborate all the time and for them, it’s a sanctuary. This is for pastors what church is for everybody else. This is really a sacred space for pastors.”

In the years it’s been open more than 600 pastors from 11 countries have come through these doors. So far the community’s come together to help pay for the costs. A police report has been filed.

For now, McDonald says despite his disappointment, he has a lesson he wants others to take away.

“When you find something special don’t wreck it. love it.”