Hit & run driver sentenced to jail; judge rejects plea deal


INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – A shocking turn of events inside an Ingham County courtroom Wednesday as 23 year-old Logan Milliman has been sentenced to one year in jail after a hit and run crash that severely injured a mother and daughter last March.

The sentencing comes after Judge Clinton Canady rejected the plea deal Wednesday.

Here’s the deal that was discussed originally:

If Milliman was to agree to “no contest” to failure to stop at the scene of an accident which caused serious impairment or death, he would only serve 90 days in jail.

But when Judge Canady learned how this has impacted the family and community, he refused the deal and it was a move that surprised those in the courtroom.

“It’s the sentence of the court that Mr. Milliman be placed on probation for 30 months and I’m going to sentence him to Ingham County jail for one year with no earned early release or tether,” said Judge Canady.

A remorseful 23 year-old Logan Milliman sat in court Wednesday as he learned his fate after being accused of a hit and run accident that critically injured a mother and daughter waiting at a bus stop in Haslett back in March.

“I know this has been a horrible 6 months for you all and for that I am deeply, deeply sorry. I know my apology may not be of much comfort to you but I pray it helps you to heal,” Milliman stated.

A visibly emotional David Trevino, the husband of the wife and mother injured in the accident says his wife is still recovering from injuries and hopes justice was served today.

“I hope it’s clear that my family and I are terrible victims in this but the whole community has been victimized,” said Trevino.

It was for that very reason Judge Canady rejected the deal and sentenced Milliman to one year in jail which was a decision Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon agrees with.

“We do believe that under all the circumstances the particular sentence that’s been imposed is an appropriate one for this case,” said Siemon.

And it was a move Cooley Law School Professor Anthony Flores says doesn’t happen often.

“The judge believes that the sentence agreement is inadequate and that’s where the judge can indicate you may withdraw your plea because I’m going to sentence you to something else and in this instance the defendant took the sentence of the judge,” Flores stated.

Once Milliman serves his one year in jail, he will report to the “House of Commons” a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Milliman will also wear a tether for 120 days and as far as restitution goes, that’s still to be determined.

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