Holocaust remembrance must live on, Schor says


LANSING, MICH. (WLNS)- Dachau. Bergen-Belsen. For most of us, words tied to a bygone horror. But for Regina Muskovitz, a Holocaust survivor, the Shoah is a reality that won’t go away.

“I remember the flames of the ovens… It’s hard to forget.”

Holocaust survivors joined legislators and community members in the Capitol rotunda today to remember those lost at a poignant time.

“Passover, of course, is the holiday of freedom, from slavery to freedom…and the survivors symbolize that,”

Those at the event were lucky enough to make it to America.

Sheri Kohen survived the Auschwitz death camp, unlike some of her family. But she says that even here, she worries about her six great grandkids’ future.

“And I’m looking at them, I say… ‘Well I hope that something good is going to come out in this world.'”

State Representative Andy Schor cosponsored a bill that passed the House and is currently in the Senate aiming to teach children statewide about mankind’s worst tragedies.

“Ingrain genocide and the Holocaust into our existing education.”

As the years pass, fewer survivors remain alive to tell their stories. But we are all witnesses and Schor says the memorial event should live on.

“We’ll still have it, I hope… because we are going to remember their stories.”

To never forget so humanity’s flame is never extinguished.

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