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Holt community a hot spot for new businesses & developments


HOLT, Mich. (WLNS) – If you drive through Holt, you may have noticed businesses popping up within the last couple of months.

That’s because the community has invested roughly $100 million toward its infrastructure and according to Tracy Miller, Delhi Township’s Community Development Director, businesses continue to bloom.

“In the last 10 to 15 years, there’s really been a strong focus on development of a downtown or a community gathering place,” said Miller.

Miller says downtown Holt and the areas that surround it are flourishing with new restaurants and even residential developments like the $40 million “Willoughby Estates” luxury suite apartment project.

But the most recent undertaking Delhi Charter Township has started is a project called the “Realize Cedar Plan.”

“The focus of that implementation will be creating that place that the community has said they wanted,” Miller stated.

One of the first establishments will be the “Esker Square” project.

It’s a $12 million development that will be housed along the Cedar Street corridor.

“We’ll have 60 apartments and about 30 thousand square feet of commercial space so we can add businesses and residential living here and a lot of vibrancy to the area,” said the project’s Developer Scott Gillespie.

Gillespie says he wanted to invest in the township after learning its vision.

“Part of our mission at the Gillespie is to have a positive, transformative impact on a community. We’re doing that on East Michigan Avenue, in East Town and we feel that we can do the same thing here,” Gillespie stated.

“It means place making, it means creating that sense of an environment where people are engaged in their community,” Miller added.

And creating a place where people are proud…to call home.

The “Esker Square” project plans to start construction in spring 2018 and hopes to open next fall.

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