HOLT, Mich. (WLNS) – Holt Public School administrators, including the superintendent and an assistant to the school board, invited the Rams community for an online discussion to address their worries Monday night.

The meeting comes weeks after a fight caught on camera sent a student to the hospital. One mom echoed some of the concerns other parents brought up during the virtual meeting.

She said she’s glad to be part of the community and wants to know her child will be safe in the classroom

“We love where we are. It’s been a little bit enlightening in the last couple of years. Just the way that students are let to act with no repercussions seemingly,” said parent Kaitln Hetfield.

Hetfield has an elementary student going through Holt Public Schools. She said while he is still young, she’s concerned about how the district has handled student behavior issues in the high school. She’s not the only parent who is saying there’s a lack of accountability

Superintendent David Hornak reviewed the school’s discipline policy and how Holt staff navigate restorative justice practices.

“At the building level review, staff as well as the family of the student and the student who demonstrated the significant behavior discuss the circumstances why they are meeting, what happened and how it can be prevented in the future,” said Hornak.

He explained the reporting process begins at the school level and moves its way up to the Board of Education for a final decision of either suspension or expulsion.

Hornack stressed that at all school levels, a student may find themselves suspended as staff investigates a disturbance.

“As a reminder, restorative practices work concurrently with traditional discipline,” said Hornak.

Guests were asked to submit questions ahead of time and a few were read out loud, with the main focus on school safety.

Hornack said this fall new training for teachers and students will help to keep them safe during an emergency. He said student input will be critical moving forward and as well as community cooperation.

“Together we are better and it will take each of us to make a difference for all of us,” said Hornak.

District leaders were not available for comment before the meeting but said in a statement that they aim to create a safe environment for all students to learn. Administrators said a recording of the meeting will be uploaded.