Holt School District gets creative to announce snow days


For many students waking up early and turning on the TV to find out if there’s a snow day is the usual routine, but officials who work in the Holt Public School District are hoping to change things up a bit by using social media to engage and educate in a different way through Facebook videos.

Superintendent for Holt Public Schools, David Hornak says as part of the school’s communication plan, parents will get phone calls and the traditional TV push to find out if class is cancelled.

He’ll even take a drive on the roads himself around 4am before making a final decision.

Hornak says he wanted to come up with a creative way to connect with students.

So he recruited some volunteers and worked with stakeholders in the community to come up with a few video ideas.

“All of that boils down to this greater communication plan of building trust, being transparent, and having some fun with it too,” says Hornak.

“It was super cool to just like be a part of the community and making these snow day videos,” says student, Kaitlyn Mooney.

That idea of using social media as a platform for students and school officials to communicate is creating quite the buzz online and giving a more popular touch to the way information is relayed.

“They are all over everywhere, everyone in the school district sees them,” says student, Ana Mooney.

Hornak says social media also allows school officials to keep students focused on their studies.

“Most of the time they’re asking for a snow day, I respond with don’t forget to read or don’t forget to finish your math homework,” says Hornak.

“It’s like a really good positive way to use social media and it shows like we can all come together and enjoy a snow day a little bit more because we can all watch the videos and talk about the different funny stuff that happens in it,” says Ana Mooney.

But just because school officials are filming these videos, does not mean they’re going to just hand out snow days.. they are still following proper protocols before making any decision.

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