Homeless family sees flaws in the system


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – According to officials from Volunteers of America, families with children are the largest group dealing with homelessness and they usually have the hardest time finding a place to live.

That’s happening daily right here in Mid-Michigan.

Six news spoke to a family today who shared their struggle of homelessness, and they say, they see many flaws in the system.

“It’s like a new experience when your homeless” eleven year old, Linzii Moody said.

Linzii says she and her family have been homeless for about 2 years.

“I feel like I failed my whole family” Jeremy Moody said with tears in his eyes.

Jeremy Moody lost his job and has 5 children, he’s trying to find stable housing, but after going through paperwork, after paperwork, he’s lost hope in the system .

“The way the state is, if you’re not working, don’t have no income, they’re not going to help you. That’s the way they act.” Jeremy Moody said.

“Most of the homelessness is families and when families are broken up, where do the young children go?” Mike Karl of Homeless Angels said.

According to Mike Karl of Lansing’s Homeless Angels, there are only two facilities that house homeless families and keep them together, the Haven House, and his program at the Magnuson Hotel.

But with a high demand and a limited budget, families are only able to stay for a range of a few days to 2 weeks, and that’s if they can even get in.

“The biggest thing that’s missing from the human service agency is the human aspect of it. And it’s not because the agencies don’t want to do that, it’s because there’s so many people and they are stretched so thin” Karl said.

Stretched thin financially; Lansing city officials and officials from Volunteers of America all agree on the same thing, money prevents them from making a bigger change.

A change that could impact Linzii, Izzabella, and Stormie’s life.

According to Mike Karl, Homeless Angels is currently housing more than 70 people and 40 of those are children.

If you would like to be a part of the solution, VOA and state officials say the best thing you can do is donate, and write to your congressman.

If you need housing or would like to donate please contact Dr. Joan Jackson Johnson at http://www.lansingmi.gov/hrcs_contact_us.

If you would like to donate to Homeless Angels click here http://www.homelessangels.org/donations/.

You can find information on how to write to your Congressman at http://house.michigan.gov/.

A fundraiser to help the Homeless Angels save the hotel is taking place on March 12, 2016 at Eagle Eye Golf Club. Tickets are $50 for the event ($75 after Feb. 26), which includes a silent and live auction, a cash bar and hors d’ouevres. For tickets call 517-204-4725 or e-mail homelessangelevents@gmail.com.

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