Homeless Veterans is still an issue and say in war or peace, they answered the call


Some veterans may find veterans day a reminder of national-wide issues of homeless veterans. One veteran says he’s upset with the percentage of homeless veterans.

Matthew Dembsey served in the U.S. Navy for 11 years and did tours all around the world. He calls himself one of the lucky one’s that didn’t end up on the street. Dembsey also believes that the military system has a flaw when letting military personal return home.

“To find out that a lot of my brother’s and sisters are out on the street, hurts me, because we gave everything and then and we come back, and sometimes there is nothing…you know, and I think a lot of it is the preparation of letting military people go out of the military. There’s no type of life training,” said Dembsey.

He says a lot of it, you just find out yourself.

“The journey was not easy, they train you when you go into the military, but they don’t train you for life after the military, a lot of it is trail and error,” said Dembsey.

Helping our Heroes is one of the veteran assistance programs here in Mid-Michigan. If you or someone you know is a struggling veteran you can visit our Seen on 6 section.

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