Homes, properties in Bath Twp. severely damaged by storm


BATH TWP. Mich. (WLNS) – Uprooted trees, snapped limbs and debris scattered for miles; this is the aftermath of Saturday night’s storm in Bath Township.

“A lot of tree damage but fortunately the house held up well,” said Lanard Pope.

Pope lives right off Upton Road and says the storm was unlike anything he’s ever seen.

“The wife yelled upstairs because it was getting louder and louder so we looked out the window and the trees were just bending and all of a sudden it’s just like a white out, like a snow storm white out,” Pope stated.

While we’re waiting for official reports from the National Weather Service, Pope says he’s convinced a tornado touched down because of how extensive the damage is on his property.

“Looked like it zig-zagged, it was no rhyme no reason, we looked like we got the brunt of it, it looked like he came straight over our house,” said Pope.

And right around the corner the situation is even worse.

“Couldn’t believe it, it was last night you know and it was right before dark,” Fred Boling stated.

Boling lives off Cutler Road and his property suffered serious storm damage. There is a graveyard of broken branches, trees gutted from the ground and even the windshield of his RV ripped off and shattered.

He too believes a tornado struck the area and he even describes the chilling experience of when it surrounded his home.

“My wife and I were in the garage house I was watching the game, she was canning tomatoes and then we lost power and then a couple seconds later, a couple minutes later all of a sudden it got really bad and we decided to try and get in the house to go downstairs but we tried to open the door and couldn’t really open the door because the wind was so strong,” said Boling.

And now he’s left with the cleanup.

“Had to make a path for the driveway, we’ve been doing that all day with about 10 or 15 neighbors which was fantastic,” said Boling.

And so is Pope.

“Cleanup, cleanup got to buy a new chainsaw,” Pope stated.

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