LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Each year the Michigan State Police Organizational Development Division and MSU’s School of Criminal Justice host a mock crime scene training.

Detective Chuck Christensen said training like this helps prevent slip-ups in the field.

“In crime scenes and homicide in If mistakes are going to be made, we want those mistakes to be made here so you can learn in a sterile environment,” Christensen said.
The training gave officers hands-on experience and a way to practice their skills in collecting evidence.

“This is practice to ensure that you are doing things by the book, making sure that scenes are locked down, evidence is collected carefully, interviews are done thoroughly, and that probable cause is developed to solve the investigation,” Christensen added.

Multiple agencies including the Michigan State Police Jackson post were at the training. After 22 years with MSP, Detective Sergeant Dan Bowman said he’s still learning.

“The thing that always comes back to me is how much things changed from early in my career; a lot of stuff was just interviewing people and more paperwork based and how electronically based all of our investigations are now,” said Bowman.

MSU students also had a chance to test their investigative knowledge.

“Getting these trainings gives us a behind-the-scenes look of what we learn in the classroom and potential fields of what we want to go into,” Criminal Justice major, Natalie Campis said.