Honoring traditions while celebrating Hanukkah safely


Los Angeles, Cali. (WLNS)–Thursday evening marks the beginning of Hanukkah, but the pandemic is forcing many people to rethink their holiday plans.

For Saul Blinkoff, his wife and four kids, Hanukkah is about family, but the usual big family gatherings are just too risky during a pandemic. Saul says they’ll still gather with family from across the country, but this time, it will be online.

Jewish families nationwide are finding ways to keep Hanukkah traditions in a very untraditional year. Jason Leivenberg of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles says they’ve organized an 8-day Hanukkah festival called “infinite light”, and it’s all virtual.

Leivenberg says during this difficult year, the joy and togetherness of the holiday are badly needed.

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