LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Dig horror movies? Love comedy? So do the hosts of Quality Scary, a monthly event that pairs horror films with live comedic entertainment.

“People always ask, ‘What is Quality Scary?’ We’re screening horror movies but we’re also trying to create an experience based on that movie. The movie is a jumping off point for a theme,” said Quality Scary co-host Tricia Chamberlain. “There’s different stuff happening all the time. We try to have fun and make it fun for the audience.”

Quality Scary, named in a nod to Lansing brand Quality Dairy, is hosted once a month at the Lansing Public Media Center by Chamberlain, Dan Hartley and Emily Syrja.

It returns Friday with a screening of “Eraserhead” and a performance by the Super Secret Cult Band.

The three friends are part of the Lansing Facts comedy group that is known across town for its social media pages that satirize life in Michigan’s capital city.

The trio likens attending Quality Scary to stepping into a movie theater with very few rules.

Quality Scary’s latest event is Friday at the Lansing Public Media Center.

Just throw in a pinch of standup comedy and some audience participation, and the atmosphere captures the magic of watching your favorite movie with a gang of your best friends.

“We’re trying to create the vibe of watching a movie with your friends. Where you can talk and yell at the movie, and laugh at the parts that are silly,” Hartley said.

Each month, Quality Scary has a unique theme inspired by a different movie. The trio produces content that plays into the aesthetic of that month’s film.

For example, when Quality Scary screened “Slumber Party Massacre,” the group produced a comedy video taking place at a sleep over.

Quality Scary often incorporates interesting guest collaborators. On Friday, Chamberlain, Hartley and Syrja are partnering with the Super Secret Cult Band.

The band will perform alongside a showing of David Lynch’s iconic surrealist horror film “Eraserhead.”

Super Secret Cult Band will also act as de facto narrators, providing humorous interpretations and explanations for the film’s deliberately confusing sequences.

“They’ll help the audience keep track of what’s going on in ‘Eraserhead,’ which is a notoriously symbolic and heady movie that’s not especially literal. They’re going to add a little bit of levity to an intense film,” Syrja said.

Quality Scary began its run as a one-off Halloween party at the Avenue Café and was later a special featured event at the Capital City Film Festival.

Two years without a decent Halloween party pushed Syrja to reunite with Chamberlain – the two previously worked together with the Comedy Coven standup collective.

“I started watching a lot of horror movies. I pulled in Dan, and Tricia and I were looking for something new to do together, and the idea came together,” Syrja said.

The trio has several more screenings planned and hope to keep the absurdity of Quality Scary rolling.

“We’re building our relationship with the audience. That’s helping inform what we’re going to do in the future. We view this show as a collaboration with the audience, they’re a part of the show and the community we want to build,” Hartley said.