How are they doing now? Catching up with the family from the 2018 Women Build


As WLNS continues our series on “Women’s Build Week” with Habitat for Humanity.

Last year, the women of 6 News teamed up with different organizations to put a roof over one family’s head.

Randy Donald is a veteran and single father to three teenagers. He says he’s been a single dad since his oldest son Randon was just two months old.

“I can’t imagine my life without him and hopefully he can’t imagine his life without me, we’re bonded by the hip,” said Donald.

The Donald family bond is strong, but the roof over their head is a different story.

“He’d expressed that he had leaks in his roof and whenever it rained he’d have to put four or five buckets out to catch the rain,” said Construction Supervisor for Habitat for Humanity, Vincent Brown.

Donald reached out to Habitat for Humanity last year to help him fix up his home, but says he never expected to be selected.

“It was a great feeling for me and my kids, you know we were uh, pretty much overwhelmed that we were chosen,” said Donald.

Brown was part of rebuilding Randy’s home and says he came back and forth to finish it over the course of four or five months.

“Being with habitat we and working on people’s houses, for the length of time and extent that we do, we get pretty attached to some of the families,” said Brown.

But the project didn’t just give Donald a new home, it gave him a friend.

“Vince is my brother from another mother, he’s fantastic, everything he does is just great and honestly he doesn’t get enough credit,” said Donald.

Brown says the same thing and that how Donald and his family put in their own sweat during the project really showed how special him and his family are.

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