How businesses can protect themselves against a robbery


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A robbery can happen anywhere…anytime and more often than not employees feel helpless when placed in that situation.

Even though a business can’t avoid a robbery per se, the question is how can you protect yourself against it?

“Well I don’t know if you can…I don’t know that anybody can specifically guard against it,” said Mark Griffin, President of the Michigan Petroleum Association and Michigan Association of Convenience Stores.

Griffin says if a person decides to rob a business, they will.

According to Michigan State Police Trooper Marco Jones, it’s important for convenience stores and any other business to keep one thing in mind…

“Number one thing is whatever the person demands from you, make sure you give it to them,” Trooper Jones stated.

According to Griffin, every store has a different managing technique. He advises his member businesses not to keep more than $30 in the cash register at a time and to set up surveillance cameras.

“Some stores feel that it’s necessary only to have cameras out on the drive where accidents may happen, others have them only inside the store and it’s based on their needs from a security standpoint,” Griffin added.

But according to Jones, even if cameras are in place, businesses shouldn’t rely just on them.

“Be vigilant, write down as many characteristics as you can…how did the person speak, any distinguishing marks, eyeglasses, ball cap, things of that nature,” said Trooper Jones.

And always remember, to call 911.

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