EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – For drunken late-night meals in East Lansing, Conrad’s is king among students.

Dropping ubiquitous bar foods like tater tots, chicken tenders and bacon into a single grilled tortilla wrap with cheese is simple enough culinary chemistry, but the results have been so effective that Conrad’s is a staple of East Lansing life.

Owner Joe Conrad began his restaurateur career with Menna’s Joint in 2003. He left in 2007 to open his own venture, Conrad’s.

Originally serving sandwiches and paninis, Conrad’s turned its focus to grilled wraps, called Con-wraps, in 2009.

The Con-wrap was inspired by Conrad’s days as a hungry young student at Michigan State University.

Many have experienced at one point or another a 2 a.m. synapse of hunger and innovation, feasting on whatever is available in the house.

Taking a kitchen sink worth of hangover food and wrapping it in a tortilla was Conrad’s master stroke.

Chris Sonie, a manager with Conrad’s since 2008, says the restaurant’s combination of beloved college campus foods helped Conrad’s make its name.

“It’s stuff a hungry twenty-something would want, but it’s good for everybody. It started off as a good concept for college food but expanded into something more accessible for everybody as it grew more popular,” Sonie said.  

If you’ve never had Conrad’s, Sonie recommends trying the Number One, which includes grilled chicken, mozzarella, cheddar, tater tots, ranch and sour cream.

“It’s straightforward, and it’s the original.”