How Much is too Much? Local Expert Teaches Healthy Gaming


Fortnite is one of the worlds most popular video games with over 250 million players. In 2018, 2.7 Billion hours was played in two months.

Over half of the users are aged 10-25 and many parents are concerned that their children play too much. Dr. Rabindra Ratan teaches a “Healthy Gaming” seminar, and he says the amount of time a child plays a game should not be the biggest concern.

“Understand what your kids are playing, understand why they are so motivated to achieve this goal. Because its a great motivation. They are failing over and over again in order to succeed so figure out when they feel like they accomplished some success and then have them stop”

He added that most “missions” last approximately 20 minutes.

Another concern is the lack of socialization, but Navin a local fourth grader says Fortnite is a big part of his social interactions. Most of his friends play the game, and they all get together and play. 

Dr. Ratan says balance is key and the number of people who are obsessed with gaming is 2-4%.

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