LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A national program is encouraging people to empty their medical cabinets of unused prescription drugs.

This week, many Michigan police agencies and pharmaceutical companies will host events for people to turn in pain relievers, antidepressants, cough medicine and any other unused drugs.

Saturday is Drug Take Back Day, and there will be several events across the state where people can discard of unused or expired medications.

“The easier accessible prescription drugs are ones that have high potential for abuse; we don’t want those ending up in the wrong hands,” said David Clayton, program director of Harmless Families Against Narcotics.

Clayton said that the program can assist in closing the gateway for potential future overdoses or addictions, as most abusers get their drugs from friends and family.

“Eighty percent of the prescription opioids were coming from friends and family. We are going to have over 500 spots around Michigan where people can go and drop off their drugs,” said Kathy Frederico, diversion program manager of the Detroit Field Division of the DEA.

Officials request that participants remove any personal information before turning in medications.

Liquids and syringes will not be accepted.