EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – We are just two days away from the Izzo Legacy Race on Michigan State’s campus.

Last fall, Piotr Pasik was one of 16 people who were a part of the first-ever roll portion of the race.

“I got to tell you I love the downhills because you can let go and glide. That’s a lot of fun. This is actually my 21st year on campus,” said Pasik.

Pasik was born with cerebral palsy, but that’s never stopped him from being active and racing in 5Ks.

What made the race in 2021 Piotr’s favorite 5K he’s ever been a part of was that after the 2019, race Lupe Izzo and the Izzo Legacy Race Committee went to him to how they can make the race better for those in wheelchairs

“There aren’t many races that allow wheelchairs to come in you know so that’s been really positive,” said Pasik.

On top of moving the roll portion of the race to the street, the start times are staggered.

Those in wheelchairs get an earlier start, so they can be more a part of the race and the finish line stays up until every person has run, walked or rolled past.