LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing area residents are still cleaning up after last week’s storm, but the process to get that done looks different depending on where you live.

In Lansing, you will need to pick up smaller sticks and branches yourself and the city will haul it away like normal. But for larger limbs and tree trunks, the city will be sending workers out to collect them from yards as they come across them.

East Lansing residents who are looking to get rid of any big tree branches left over from last week’s storm are being invited to fill out an online form so that city waste services know where to come to pick it up.

They are looking to collect items that don’t fit into your standard yard bag, branches that are thicker than 4 inches, or yard waste over 40 pounds. Anything smaller than this can be collected on Monday like normal.

To qualify for this special collection the East Lansing Department of Public Works is asking that you go to the form at this link and fill out your name, address and E-mail, to describe the item as “large tree limbs.”

This must be filled out before 7:00 a.m. on Friday morning, according to city officials. If you can’t access the internet to fill this form out, department officials say you can call to schedule a pickup at 517-337-9459.