LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – While the best option is to stay at home during a winter storm, that’s not possible for everyone.

So, here are some easy things to remember while driving on snowy or icy roads.

Never use cruise control on slippery surfaces. Go slow when increasing speed or applying the brakes. Keep a minimum distance of five or six seconds from the car ahead.

At traffic lights, if it’s possible to slow down enough so that the light is green when getting to the intersection, do that instead.

Keep cold weather gear in your car, such as extra food, water, warm clothing, medications, blankets and other items.

Make sure tires are properly inflated and always keep the gas tank at least half-full.

Be careful of hills. Don’t power up a hill, it can cause your wheels to spin.

Don’t stop on a hill, either, it can cause you to roll backward.

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