EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Parts of mid-Michigan are still clearing debris in the wake of last month’s storm system that downed trees and branches, causing property damage across the region.

Now, the tree experts at Michigan State University are asking you to check your property for dead trees before the next big storm. “A dead tree is never going to get any safer, so take it out as soon as you can, ” said Jerry Wahl, an arborist at MSU.

Whale and his team have responded to more than 50 trees that came down across campus last month, and he says when a tree dies, it makes the whole area around the tree unstable, which leads to the massive topplings that take out houses and cars.

Because they are so dangerous, members of the team have gotten good at spotting them out.

“If you’re getting chunks of outer bark falling off and it’s just grey underneath, that would probably be cause for concern,” said Carolyn Miller, a plant recorder for the MSU campus. “Another indication could be a fungus that grows around the base of the tree or along the tree trunk.”

If you see any of these signs, or if you notice dead branches high up in the tree, it’s probably time to call an arborist. If you are looking for ways to help your tree live longer, they can help with that too.