How to handle a hit and run accident


LANSING, Mich.(WLNS) – For the second time in two weeks Lansing Police are investigating a hit and run accident.

On Friday law enforcement officials shared an important message  about what could happen if you run from the scene of an accident.

“It’s that gut feeling. If you feel you should you probably should. so call the police no matter what,” said Lansing Police Public Information Officer Robert Merritt.

Always stop and get help. Merritt tells says that should always be the first rule you follow when you get into an accident.

“You have to stop and identify you have to render some aid call the police call 911 immediately,” said Merritt.

And if you don’t stop there are some hefty consequences.

“If you’re involved in an accident and its minor injury and you still leave it’s called leaving the scene of the accident it’s a misdemeanor charge and you could spend up to 1 year in jail,” said Merritt.

There are double consequences if you seriously injure someone else and flee the scene.

“Like I said this particular situation as in last night the person is seriously injured and you left the scene. That is a felony charge,” said Merritt.

And there aren’t just penalties for those behind the wheel.

“You have to cross the street at a cross walk. That’s the safest spot for you. We see it everyday people don’t and you subject yourself to possibly being hit by a car,” said Merritt.

What about if you spend the night drinking, hop into your car and then get into an accident?

Merritt says it’s never a good idea to leave the scene if you’re intoxicated because you could be handed down additional charges.

“I understand that people feel that is the right thing to do but 100% it is not,” said Merritt.

Officials say, if you follow these steps you will have the best chance of staying safe while behind the wheel.

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