How to re-scan your television

Heads up if you watch WLNS with an over-the-air antenna: We're switching frequencies on Monday, June 11.

Most viewers won't need to do anything, but some will.

For months the engineering staff at WLNS has been installing and testing mid-Michigan's most technologically-advanced television encoder.

On June 11 at 9:00 a.m., all that new technology will go on the air.

That's being done as part of the government's program to transfer frequencies from TV broadcasters to cell phone companies.

You'll still see WLNS/CBS programming on 6.1.

As of June 11 we no longer broadcast ION on 6.3. You can find ION information here.

WLAJ/ABC will continue to be seen on 53.1 and Lansing CW 5 will still be on 53.2.

If you watch those channels through cable or satellite providers, you won't need to do a thing.

If you can receive WLAJ through an antenna now, you will still be able to view WLNS.  If you can't see WLAJ with an antenna now, you will need to install a signal booster or similar device for your antenna in order to clearly see WLNS and WLAJ.

If you watch through an antenna, the steps will vary depending on what brand of TV you own.  Some may automatically find the new frequencies.

If you can't see the channels, you will need to follow the manufacturer's directions to rescan the channels.

That rescanning process could take a few minutes, depending on the television.

One source for rescanning information is There you will find helpful information on the rescanning process.

Here are your channels:

  6.1 - WLNS/CBS in HD

53.1 - WLAJ/ABC in HD

53.2 -  Lansing CW 5 


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