We continue our in-depth series on human trafficking with the gut-wrenching story of a local woman who says she was sold for sex, for years.  She agreed to sit-down with 6 News Anchor Chivon Kloepfer to share details of her life, that she’s never even told most of her family members. For the purpose of this story, we’re calling her Aimee. 

Aimee was a new mom and in her early 20’s when she started having night terrors. She knew something was wrong and went to a therapist. She learned she had repressed memories and realized she wasn’t ready to dig deeper, not yet.

It wasn’t until decades later, roughly three years ago, that Aimee’s grandmother died and she decided it was time to learn exactly what happened to her. 
What she learned about her childhood is simply heartbreaking. 

Watch Aimee’s story above.