LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — On Sunday, hundreds gathered at Lake Lansing Park to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Pakistan declaring its independence from Great Britain.

“Just coming together on this special event to celebrate it together away from home 5,000 miles away,” said Majid Mughal, President of Pakistani Association of Lansing.

The Pakistani Association of Lansing is an organization that started with roughly 800 members from the community. They say their goal is to promote Pakistan’s culture.

“Pakistan to me is like a big part of my history, my culture, I take it as a personality for me,” said Areesha Shah, a participant at the event.

The event had fun for the whole family, including food, shopping, and sweets that you would traditionally see in Pakistan.

Organizers say the celebration is just one way they’re showing young people where they came from.

“These events are very important for them to really mingle with other adults, to learn what happened exactly to our homeland,” said Mughal. “So youths have to stay in touch. We have some families who were born here and never visited Pakistan. So its very important for them to feel attached to their homeland.”

Along with the Pakistan flag was the American flag. Many from the event say they are proud to be from America and its wide variety of cultures.

“I think that’s the most beautiful part of America, that we all continue to bring our own special culture and continue to integrate it into the main American society,” said Farah Abbasi, board member for the Pakistani Association of Lansing.

If you would like to get involved with the Pakistani Association of Lansing, visit the link below.