Hundreds “March for Our Lives” in Lansing


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “Vote them out! Vote them out!”

“Gun reform now,” “my son’s life matters,” these are just some of the signs held high in the sea of people on Saturday as those standing in solidarity speak up to send this message.

“I’m hoping that we get some legislation that truly, truly speaks to the issue of gun control in terms of banning bump stocks, assault rifles…we don’t need that and we certainly do not need teachers carrying guns in the classroom,” said Annie Lambrecht.

“We want safety in our communities, we want safety for families and we’re coming together and hoping that the legislatives will listen to us,” Evelyn Burgess stated.

While those protesting continue to chant for change…

“Vote them out! Vote them out!”

…among the crowd is teenager Ayden Soupal who says he’s had enough and he too has a message for lawmakers.

“We want them to have stricter gun laws, stricter gun control because that’s a start. We know it won’t solve it, but we just want something to reassure us that it will be ok,” said Soupal.

“Kids are afraid to go to school, they’re literally afraid to go to school and I just hate to see that we’re at that point in our history,” Burgess stated.

And while these people are fighting to make a difference, they’re doing it in memory of those killed in mass shootings nationwide.

“We’re really at a pivotal moment in terms of gun control, we’ve been yammering about it forever and not doing anything and these students have just really ignited the movement,” said Lambrecht.

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