Hundreds of MSP troopers set to retire, how will they fill positions?


They enforce the law, and provide public safety.

Michigan State Police Troopers can be seen across our state, patrolling the roads and highways.

But over the next few years, nearly 250 troopers will retire. A number, 1st Lt. Robert Hendrix says, is significantly larger than years past.

“It leaves a huge gap in our agency, and that’s why we’re doing a huge job recruiting,” says the Commander of Recruiting and Selection, Lt. Hendrix.

Lt. Hendrix says, in 2016 more than 200 troopers joined the ranks. And during a training session next month, he’s hoping to gain another 160.

But as more cities, like Lansing, join Michigan’s “Secure City Partnerships,” even more troopers are needed to help local police fight violent crime in downtown areas.

“With us loosing the amount of people that we are, we do need to replenish our ranks to have the folks that are doing their normal duties at the posts to be able to just do those, and we can still be committed to our secure cities relationships,” says Lt. Hendrix.

According to Lt. Hendrix, being a trooper is more than just putting bad guys in jail… it’s helping those in need, while making an impact in the community.

“If they want to make a difference in the lives of other people in a positive way, this is the job, or career that they would want,” says Lt. Hendrix.

The Michigan State Police stands by it’s mission, which is to protect and serve. Officials say, it’s never too late to join the force and fulfill that duty.

For more information on how to become a MSP trooper, we have links under the “Seen on 6” section of our website.

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