Hundreds rally in support of Planned Parenthood at MSU


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “We will persist!!!” chanted Senator Rebekah Warren.

A rally, with a message as nearly 100 supporters of “pro-choice” circled around “the rock” at Michigan State University.

“Planned Parenthood does really great things, it’s a necessity in America,” said Planned Parenthood Rally Organizer Lauren Lahie.

Lahie says it’s during these controversial times in the country that people come together to take a stand.

“Some people are just mis-informed about all the stuff they do…some people can’t afford to get the medical care because they don’t necessarily have the insurance that other people do so because of that, this is a really great cheap alternative so people can actually get some of the care they need, especially women,” Lahie stated.

Kelle Vicknair agrees. She says Planned Parenthood saved her life.

“They did a cancer screening for me, I found out that I was pre-cancer like knocking on cancer’s door and I got to get that taken care of because of Planned Parenthood,” Vicknair said.

For Vicknair, Lahie and these people rallying together, Planned Parenthood provides healthcare for women and men in need, giving people opportunities that they might not have…and they fear for the future of Planned Parenthood.

“I think right now Planned Parenthood is in trouble because obviously everyone is trying to de-fund it within the high up government right now,” Lahie added.

But regardless of the opposition Planned Parenthood supporters face, they say they aren’t losing hope.

“We’re here to stay and we’re here to help women and men be able to get the care that they need,” Vicknair insisted.

And their message is clear…simply, to never give up.

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