Hunters in Chronic Wasting Disease Core Zone required to bring in deer for testing


(WLNS) – Michigan DNR are ensuring safety of the deer this hunting season by requiring hunters in certain areas to bring in their kill for Chronic Wasting Disease testing.

After a successful morning, many hunters head to check-in stations so their deer can be checked for a disease that has continued to spread across the region.

Michigan DNR Deer Management Specialist Chad Stewart explains why. “To help identify not only where it exists, but how prevalent it is in our deer population”.

This year, the CWD Core Zone has been expanded from 9 to 17 townships across Mid-Michigan, after deer with the disease were found in Clinton County, but the requirement doesn’t seem to upset hunters.

“It was very quick, very easy,” Hunter Shawn Kirk remarked.

“It’s painless, every time I’ve come here I’ve been in and out in ten minutes,” Taxidermist Chris Carls said.

The process it straightforward.

“We’ll collect some general information, where the animal was take, age data, obviously the sex of the animal and we’ll give a number so they can reference it for the disease lab once the results come in,” Stewart explained.

Some hunters even gain information from the check in.

“Learn how to estimate the age of the deer by the teeth,” Kirk said.

Hunters can even keep their antlers, or take heads to a taxidermist to be mounted.

“You know the guys bring their deer in, I cape them out, give them the head back,” Carls said.

The disease has wiped out deer populations in other areas but hunters don’t have to worry about any personal safety concerns.

“No known transmission of CWD to humans or pets or livestock,” Stewart said.

Results from the lab can take a few days, and any hunters who turned in deer with the disease will be notified over the phone.

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