This week’s Mondays for Moms is all about finding affordable ways to shop for back-to-school clothes.

Reporter Tatiana Cash in Toledo talked to some parents who are doing just that.

Families are searching the racks for good deals.

House of Dow store manager Lucy Pawlowicz, says local thrift stores make sure families have in style, unique and affordable clothing.

“We care about the Toledo residents and people’s budgets, so we make everything budget friendly. And for back-to-school shopping, everyone wants a pair of flair jeans and the ’90s stuff is so in, which is so funny if you grew up in the ’90s,” Pawlowicz said.

While everyone is tickled at vintage styles making a comeback, the laughs are a bit sarcastic out at Oakwood Elementary’s open house.

Because mother of two Casandra Toler says the National Retail Federation’s national average of $900 in spending per family for back-to-school supplies is a little low.

“I spent more than that. I spent about, I’d say $13-1400,” Toler said.

Toler has a high schooler and a kindergartner, which is right in line with the National Retail Foundation’s findings.

The Zagorskys only have one elementary student, Alorah, and father, Andy, says he didn’t have to spend nearly as much because he hunted for deals.

“If you are willing to go to a couple different places if you have to, then you can come way under that. We came way under that, not even close,” Andy Zagorsky said.

And at the Salvation Army’s Thrift Store, retail associate Mirna Tovar-Solas says she’s not surprised by this year’s price tag, but it re-affirms why stores like hers are important.

“With the economy right now and our inflation and everything. I think that stores like this provides good clothing and for people that are low income, they can afford to clothe their children and have better opportunities in shopping,” said Tovar-Solas.

So, should we just push back the school year?

“No, we’re ready for school. We’re ready for school,” Andy Zagorsky said.