LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Drivers who regularly use I-69 will be receiving some welcome news in time for the holidays. The Department of Transportation is finally ready to wrap up construction projects between Marshall and Charlotte.

This is a stretch of road that’s seen orange barrels for the last three years, at a cost of over $200 million.

Courtesy of: Michigan Department of Transportation

Crews have finished most of the work ahead of the holiday travel rush, and they just need to finish some final paving projects on the maintenance routes that cut through the median. After that, every lane and exit should be reopened.

The Department of Transportation says that the renovated road will support more than 2,500 jobs and contribute to our state’s commercial trucking and tourism industry.

Workers will be coming back sometime next year to finish up some detailed work, like bridge painting and sealant spaying. The cold weather means these products won’t work, so they are waiting until things warm back up to check those last few tasks on the list.