LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Despite a rejection for a third-party investigation into the Oxford shooting, Attorney General Dana Nessel will remain committed to ensuring that all students in Michigan receive protection.

“I am extremely disappointed that the school district chose to decline my offer to devote the full resources of the Department of Attorney General to review the events leading up to and on November 30th. This tragedy demands a united effort from all of us who serve the Oxford community,” said Nessel.

Nessel previously stated on Nov. 30 that her department had reached out to local law enforcement to offer assistance as the investigation continues.

“Despite this outcome, my department will continue to support the ongoing criminal investigation in Oakland County and looks forward to meeting with parents, students and teachers when they are ready to share their thoughts. To that end, we also remain committed to evaluating opportunities for our department to ensure that students in Oxford – and across Michigan – receive the protection they deserve and that guns are kept out of our schools,” continued Nessel.

David Eggert of the Associated Press took to Twitter to say that Nessel wants to meet with the Oxford community, saying “We’ll have to see where things go,” said Nessel.