LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Thursday on 6 News at 11, we told you about the story of Chad Vorce, a former DeWitt police officer who was terminated after an incident involving a black teen delivering newspapers.

The teen is Alexander Hamilton, and his mother is Rachel Hamilton.

Friday, Rachel spoke to 6 News exclusively and says she is devastated at what she saw happen to her son that day.

Rachel says Alexander is happy go lucky and a hard worker. Earlier this year, he was delivering newspapers, when off-duty DeWitt officer Chad Vorce followed him, pulled his gun on him twice and threatened to shoot him. Vorce says there were recent break-ins in the neighborhood and he thought Hamilton was breaking into cars. Vorce asked him if he needed directions and Hamilton said “I’m just doing me.”

“Because he didn’t answer you, he didn’t give you the correct answer you were looking for? That doesn’t give you the right to take away my child, or even threaten to,” said Rachel.

On the police footage you can hear Vorce ask Hamilton “I didn’t know if you were going to back up, pull a gun and shoot me?” Hamilton answered “I don’t have a gun bro, what are you talking about?”

“Alex doesn’t yell, you have to push him to no limits for him to yell, and I heard the emotion in my son’s voice at that time,” said Rachel. “For any mother to see that video, or hear it? That is devastating…. that is devastating.”

Rachel says her son didn’t even tell her what happened and she found out from someone else later that night. “I know the reason he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to worry,” added Rachel.

She says the situation is extremely emotional for the entire family.

“Truth is, that as a black mother, that is something you have to tell your black sons. To make sure that they understand from a young age how to be cautious, how to act, so you don’t get shot,” said Rachel.

Rachel is a nurse and says part of her job is to treat everyone equal and wishes others would do the same.

“They can count on me to treat them right no matter if they’re White, Black, Asian or green, because I took an oath to take care of people, I took an oath to actually save lives…he also took an oath,” said Rachel.

6 News also reached out again to Vorce’s union attorney but did not hear back.

Vorce is appealing his termination and his case is currently going through arbitration. The city says it is expecting a ruling in the next 30-to 45 days.