LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Road crews were hard at work Wednesday night clearing the wintery mess from the roads.

Road crews were busy and so were police departments. Calls for slide-offs, downed trees and power lines kept coming in.

Utility crews had their hands full working to restore power to hundreds of thousands in the state.

Mother nature brought pretty much all forms of precipitation on Wednesday, and some power outages as well.

But utility companies were ready.

A spokesperson for Consumer’s Energy says more than 300 crews were staged around the state ready to work to restore power to thousands of customers in the dark.

The company’s outage map showed more than 310,000 customers without power after 10 p.m.
Most in the southern portion of the state.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light reported very few, if any, outages.

In St John’s, some businesses were closing early and people watched as the weather went from wet to worse.

“It was starting to get wet and it really didn’t start to pick up til after I came in. I came in around two,” said gas station attendant, Samantha Randall.

Matthew Surline, a kitchen manager with St. Johns Brewery said he’s worried frozen roads around Ingham and Clinton County could hold up a delivery of ingredients for the morning.

“I hope the truck drivers are safe enough to be able to bring it and if not, I hope for the best and we do need our supplies but these truck drivers need to be safe too,” he said.

Dispatchers around the region have had a busy night. In Eaton County, officials said they responded to 15 slide-offs and accidents, including one involving a semi.

In the city of Jackson, officials said they’re looking for downed trees and power lines blocking roads and making travel dangerous.

An officer with the Lansing Police Department said they assisted with seven accidents because of slick road conditions and six slide-offs along the highway.