JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – The ice storm has left many parts of Jackson without power, and the cleanup is just getting started.

There are many roads in the city of Jackson that have caution tape lining the streets and sidewalks because of fallen trees and power lines. You can still find ice all over the city, as well.

“This is one of the biggest disasters we’ve seen,” city spokesperson, Aaron Dimick said. 

The city of Jackson was hit hard by this winter ice storm wreaking havoc on cities in mid-Michigan and across the state.

“I’d say the biggest issue we’re dealing with right now is blocked streets and sidewalks from downed trees and limbs and power lines,” Dimick said. 

Downed trees are blocking roads and have left behind a path of destruction as they have landed on cars and even homes. The storm has left many without power forcing them to relocate, 

“We waited until it got a little too cold to stay at home and then headed to her mom’s house up here because they have power. Packed up and moving to grandma’s house until we get power. They say it might be until the 25th,” the Cedillo family said. 

One woman said she did a couple of things to prepare for this storm.

“My heat is like, it feels like 80 in there. Make sure my phone was charged up,” the Jackson resident said. 

For others, prepping for weather like this can take some getting used to.

“It’s a big change for us moving up from Florida so we’re having the excitement of all the new things like lifting up your windshield wipers. It’s probably 72 and sunny there right now,” Ed Schaerer said.

With there being so much damage, officials aren’t exactly sure when they’ll be able to clean it all up.”I was told that as far as getting the streets cleared that could be two to three days but as far as getting everything cleaned up that could be a matter of weeks,” city spokesperson, Aaron Dimick said.