CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) – A sign that has been around for decades in Charlotte was stolen during the city’s annual Frontier Days event, and now organizers need help from the public to find out where it is.

The banner has been displayed at Frontier Days for the past few decades. Community organizers are pretty heartbroken that it was stolen on Sunday. But they say the thieves only have a few days to return it, until their next plan of action, which is getting authorities involved.

“When we think of Frontier Days, that banner is always front and center,” said organizer Kim Weicht.

This close-knit group, including organizer Kim Weicht, can’t wrap their heads around why someone would steal something that holds so much value.

Frontier Days celebrated its 50th-anniversary last weekend.

For more than 30 years, the sign has been part of that tradition. It’s no wonder why organizers say this is upsetting.

“We’ve displayed it every year, it used to hang downtown. There’s a lot of history with that banner. It’s 35 years old. So that banner has seen more festivals than I’ve seen,” said Weicht.

Early Sunday morning, the sign hanging on Cochran Avenue was stolen.

“We know the banner did not fly away. It’s 42 feet long as I mentioned. And it had several zip ties across the top and the bottom. And that’s how we discovered it was missing. We have several of these broken zip ties here. So, it took some effort to get the banner off,” said Weicht.

Some people say it’s probably just a prank, but all they want is for the tradition to continue.

Organizers say you have seven more days starting today, to drop off the sign in person, or anonymously right behind the gate it was taken from. They say if it doesn’t get returned, a report will be filed with the police.

If you have any tips that could lead to finding the sign, email Kim Weicht at