If you had to work this Easter, you’re not alone.


Easter Sunday for a lot of people is a day filled with family time, Easter egg hunts and enjoying spring time, but for some, it’s a regular work day.

Restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals and even news stations are just some of the jobs that don’t sleep, even on Easter.

For one restaurant manager, holidays are usually spent on the clock.

“I think I’m just used to working holidays, I’ve worked them my whole life and have been working since I was thirteen,” said Pita Pit manager, Christopher Wiley.

Wiley says he has always worked factory jobs or been in some sort of work that usually requires him to come in on weekends and holidays. He added that he doesn’t even mind working them and would rather have his co-workers get to spend time with their loved ones.

“I usually volunteer to make sure other people can stay home with their families,” said Wiley.

Wiley says his wife also works holidays so for them it’s common to plan to celebrate another day.

“As long as we’re both working and we both know that we were going to be working, we can schedule around it,” said Wiley.

From Pita Pit, to the Walgreens next door to even the bars down the street, it wasn’t hard to find a place that had someone working behind the counter.

But at the corner ofAlbert Ave. and M.A.C., there was a different sort of “work.”

Russell Steele and Joshua Taylor, also known as Gingers with Soul, were playing music on the street corner, with their guitar case open for donations.

“It’s nice to come out and set out a bin and people can donate if they want but they don’t have to, you know it’s just really nice when people stop and listen for a minute,” said Steele.

Steele and Taylor both have full-time jobs and say they don’t do this for the money.

“Coming out here with my friend making music for no money sometimes ie still better than going to work,” said Taylor.

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