UPDATE (June 25 11:50 a.m.) – The Lansing Police investigation into the armed showdown in Lansing has been completed. Now the decision if any charges will be filed is up to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. Police are not saying what was sent to the prosecutor or when a decision would be made.

ORIGINAL STORY: Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) A tense altercation between a man, aiming an AR 15 at a person on a motorcycle, is now the center of an investigation by the Lansing police department.

The incident happened last Wednesday when protesters blocked the intersection of Foster and Michigan Ave in Lansing.

Paul Birdsong, one of the organizers of the protest says the rider refused to go around, which is when a man Birdsong says was hired to be their security guard, stepped in.

“He revs the engine he pulls the gun up, the motorcyclist revs the engine again and it jumps forward towards him and he takes the safety off backs up like this,” says Birdsong.

The security guard now has an attorney, Lucas Dillon.

Dillon would not confirm or deny if the safety was released, but says his client did what he was hired to do, by protecting the crowd.

“They need protection because people have been threatening them, driving by saying you’re all going to die…” says Dillon.

An LPD officer was nearby, but officials say he was handling a traffic situation and they are not sure if the officer witnessed the altercation.

LPD is investigating two incidents on the same day, by the same man who pointed the rifle.

6 News was unable to identify the man on the motorcycle.