LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing Police finished moving out many of the stolen items that were found at what they call an illegal “chop shop” on Pennsylvania avenue on Monday night.

People who live near the house say they are not surprised about yesterday’s bust and one man has recently had his car stolen and seen in the area.

Miguel Longoria is a lifelong Lansing resident and Monday he came home to the sight of police officers raiding his neighbor across the street.

“I pull up there were trailers, lots of plainclothes police officers, they were definitely armed. I had stopped in the middle of the road because I was shocked trying to see and figure out what was happening,” said Longoria.

Lansing Police say they busted the illegal chop shop in the 300 block of South Pennsylvania Avenue.

Police recovered several firearms, seven stolen vehicles, two stolen trailers, and dozens of stolen tools.

Neighbors say they are not shocked that something fishy was going on.

“It was just something about that house that never sits right…It’s just been always strange there have been lots of different cars and vehicles in and out… To hear that it was a possible chop shop is definitely slightly surprising, but I kind of suspected it,” said Longoria.

One suspect is in custody and police are searching for additional suspects.

People in the area say they are no strangers to crime and one man says his vehicle was stolen recently. He stopped by hoping to get it back.

“I just went into an apartment for like thirty minutes, and I came out and my van was just gone. Someone actually told me that there have been a lot of stolen vehicles in that area… Then I heard about this situation over here, and a few people said that you need to check into this,” said resident Theoplis Mitchell Jr.

Longoria says he hopes cracking down on places like these, will help lessen local crime.

“I really hope it sends a message honestly you know, let the bad guys know that there is a police presence…And I think that this should send a ripple effect into this neighborhood.”