LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Sarah Sanders has many different artistic talents. Photography, landscape art, and body paint are just a few. Another talent of Sanders, is her vulnerability and how she uses her art work to face issues from her past.

This year she put her traumas on display in her Horrors of Love showcase.

“It was a lot about emotionally and mentally manipulative relationships that I’ve been through,” Sanders said.

It was an experience that took people through some difficult moments in Sanders’ past relationships. She said its not about the people she was involved with.

“More about the internal psychological things that you go through and the lessons that you come from moving forward from that and coming out of it,” Sanders said.

She said it’s more about the difficult topics and emotions her artwork addressed like mental abuse, mental illness, sexual assault and violence.

“There were times where I was like, ‘Ahhh, am I gonna do this?’ You know like I’m being very vulnerable here,” Sanders said.

But she pushed through, and Sanders said she hoped others learned something from it as she did.

“It’s a matter of looking within yourself and work towards moving forward from that and moving from it and learning from it,” Sanders said.

Another way Sanders helps others through her artwork is with body paint.

Sanders said body painting came natural to her when she first started.

“Body painting is a way to help people feel comfortable with themselves,” Sanders said.

She’s been doing it for years now.

“You’re getting to know someone while making them feel comfortable within their body and feeling like a piece of art,” Sanders said.

Whether its photography or body paint, Sanders said her art will come from a vulnerable and authentic place.

“I’m literally taking pieces of me and being like hey you know and putting it for everyone to see,” Sanders said.