“I’m not going to back down” Karl Manke plans to stay open after court orders him to shut down his shop


OWOSSO, Mich. (WLNS)– The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that Karl Manke has to close his barber shop down immediately, but during a press conference Saturday, Manke says that’s not happening.

Manke and his attorney, David Kallman, held a press conference today infront of the barber shop in Owosso. The two announced that they have appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.

“Never gave us an opportunity to respond, never gave us a chance to file and answer, or brief of anything,” said Kallman.

Kallman and Manke are confident that the justices will rule in their favor.

“The Supreme Court could obviously rule against Karl, we don’t think that’s what’s going to happen,” said Kallman.

People are applauding Manke for keeping his doors open.

“I commend Karl’s courage to stand up, to the courage of his convictions, to what he believes is right, and fully his support his rights to be able to use our entire court process to be able to see if he can continue to legally operate,” said pastor for the Immanuel Baptist Church, Jason Georges.

Christina Godfray, the owner of Abbies First Cut Barber Shop in Cadillac, opened her doors a couple weeks ago. She says she stands behind Manke.

“He is a role model, for everybody that should stand up and open up their businesses,” said Godfrey. “I know a lot of people who are at risk of closing their business, we are one barber shop in Cadillac, that there’s a for sale sign in front of the shop now.”

Kristen Pappas is Manke’s daughter and has been supporting her father for opening his shop.

“He’s my hero, so I respect everything that he’s done and he’s not doing it for himself, he’s doing it for everyone,” said Pappas. “People need to come together in these situations and understand each other’s view and listen.”

Manke says he feels the governor’s orders are unreasonable.

“I remember a game called Simon says, you remember that game? Simon says? Well now we have Gretchen says,” said Manke. “A chiropractor can do body adjustments, no further apart than me, but a barber or beautician can not.”

Manke was asked if he could say anything to the governor… “I’d say that I’ll close down if she’ll resign,” Manke said.

Manke told 6 News that he will not be cutting hair this weekend, but will reopen for business, on Monday, June 1st.

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