LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer said she wants to expand gun control laws during her upcoming term and make it a top priority.

But the group Great Lakes Gun Rights thinks priorities are misplaced.

In one of her goals outlined during her inaugural speech, Whitmer said she’s looking to pursue ‘common-sense’ gun reform laws. And now with Michigan democrats in charge of all three branches, gun rights advocates are pushing back.

“It’s no secret that Governor Whitmer and Democrats in Lansing have been waiting for the opportunity to have complete control there to pass gun control,” Executive Director of Great Lakes Gun Rights Brenden Boudreau said.

He added that any effort to restrict guns from those who should be allowed to have them is not a good idea.

“Disarming more law-abiding citizens here in Michigan by passing gun control is only going to further embolden criminals,” Boudreau said.

While Democrat State Representative of Michigan’s 69th District Jasper Martus said these laws are needed.

“We can work with our local police departments, sheriff departments, courts, and prosecutors to hold folks accountable that use guns to hurt people while also at the same time just simply providing some of those commonsense solutions on gun reform,” Martus said.

But that’s not what 2nd Amendment supporters think.

“We believe that criminals ultimately ignore laws, that’s why they’re criminals, and that ultimately, any more gun control laws they pass are only going to disarm law-abiding citizens who are going to abide by those laws,” Boudreau said.

‘Common-sense’ measures could include ‘red-flag laws,’ safer storage practices, or even increased background checks. It’s these things that Martus said would help increase safety.

“A lot of those reforms, whether it’s strengthening background checks or improving the way that people are able to keep and maintain their guns, it’s actually going to make them safer in addition to their entire community,” Martus said.