POTTERVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s been months since a home caught on fire at Independence Commons, and a woman next door says that clean-up is long overdue.

“I just feel like I’m defeated,” Caprice Bates said.

Caprice Bates has lived at Independence Commons for nearly a decade and said that when she first moved in life in her community was good.

“The park was a lot smaller, and it was very well maintained. The manager was great, kept it top-notch,” Bates said.

But in recent years, things went downhill.

“We were changing managers like you change clothes daily. It got really bad,” she said.

Bates said she’s felt ignored by her property manager, especially when it comes to cleaning up a mess just a few feet from her back door. She said her home caught fire back in February and almost 6 months later:

“There’s trash, there’s clothing still out there,” Bates said.

And when she contacted her manager?

“One of her email responses was oh we’re gonna have community pickup. Well, they never came down here and picked up anything,” Bates said.

Now the trash has attracted rodents and other animals that have made their way inside her home.

“Ten possums we have caught in my house in the last week and a half. They’re under the sink and one got into my son’s bedroom,” she said.

Bates said she’s been sending emails to her manager for months and recently she stopped responding.

6 News went to the community office looking for answers. When we got there, a woman answered the door and told us that she didn’t want to be on camera but she agreed to give us the number to corporate so that we could contact them with our questions.

So, we waited and waited, but she never gave us the number.

Bates said that all she wants is for management to do their job.

“I’m living up to my obligations, I expect them to live up to theirs,” she said.

6 News spoke with other residents who say they also want the mess cleaned up and are worried about kids in the neighborhood hurting themselves in the area.