MASON, Mich. (WLNS)—The Ingham Animal Control and Shelter will offer a free dog training session with Dave Brooks, a local trainer of Calm Your Paws Dog Service with each adoption until May 2022.

“Every dog needs training,” said Heidi Williams, director at ICACS. “We want to help educate those who adopt dogs from the shelter on the basics of dog training so they can continue to work with them.”

The training session is happening via a grant by Two Seven Oh, an organization that offers financial support to Michigan organizations.

This training session focuses on the dog’s environment if they are feeling stressed, or anxious. They teach the trainers who to bond with your new dog.

“Unfortunately, we often see adoption returns for reasons that can be managed with proper training,” said Williams. “Our hope is that with this training service, we can reduce the amount of adoption returns to the shelter and the dogs we adopt out to stay in their forever homes.”

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