Ingham County Animal Control releases information on Haslett animal abuse case involving 32 dogs


The Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter responded to an animal welfare complaint in Haslett nearly one year ago.

Heidi Williams is familiar with the case. She’s the director of the shelter.

“It was actually two houses right next door to each other. Both the houses were occupied by the residents as well as 32 total dogs,” Williams said.

Williams said after conducting a search warrant, the officers saw the extremely unsanitary conditions the dogs were living in.

“A lot of urine, a lot of feces, ammonia smell was to the point where the officers had to wear breathing apparatus to get into the house,” Williams said.

The investigation uncovered that the owners were breeding weimaraner dogs for several years.

“One of the dogs had recently had puppies within like a day or two,” she said.

Williams said the dogs were covered in urine and feces, but healthy for the most part. After being brought to the shelter most of them were adopted out, except for two puppies with extreme cardiac issues who had to be euthanized.

“We get cases like this a handful of times a year, unfortunately,” Williams said.

In this case, the two men involved were charged with felony abandonment and cruelty.

“They pled to misdemeanor abandonment and cruelty. They both got 12 months of probation with no jail time,” she said.

Williams said it’s important to look out for red flags when buying a dog from a breeder.

“If they won’t let you view the parents and come on scene, wave off. It is a bad sign,” Williams said.

When it comes to other cases of animal cruelty, williams said the shelter wants to know about.

“We are the advocates of the animals. The voice of the voiceless,” she said.

If you know or suspect of any animal cruelty situations, Williams asks you call the Ingham County Animal control and shelter at 517-676-8370.

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